Using DataSet In the Crystal report.NET 
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 Using DataSet In the Crystal report.NET

hi All
I am new to Crystal Reports.NET
We have some Special reports where in we caan not depend on the Report,
database, or Chart Experts.
I have drilled into the the reportDocument and reportViewer....but I
couldn't meet requirement...
Problem is....I have Dataset and I want to show the Same data whhichh is in
the data set on the report....Withoput dragging the table to the dataset or
datafield at Design time.....I dont want to di anytrhing at design time... I
found 2-3 code samples..but not satisfactory

Can Any one help me on this.

thanks in Advance...

Amol {*filter*}hede
Software Developer

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Wed, 20 Jul 2005 20:41:36 GMT  
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