Adding several reports to vb app with crystal report 6.0 designer 
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 Adding several reports to vb app with crystal report 6.0 designer


I was using VB 6 and Crystal Reports 4.6 in an application that had 62
different reports.

I upgraded al 62 to the new crystal reports 6.0 using the report designer
component. Since it is integrated with Visual Basic now the application does
not support so many designers (62) in the proyect. The application works
perfect when running but in the design envorionment is a nightmare. The VB
IDE crahes a lot, it last to much time to load, save or compile.

Is not a PC perfomance problem because it was working perfect with all the
standar forms (50) but it works bad with the reports.

My PC is a IBM PC350 Pentium 150MHZ with 80 MB RAM.

Is there anyway to partition the application, or to make it work better?


Mon, 09 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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