Subreport does not show when main report is blank 
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 Subreport does not show when main report is blank

Hi Everybody,

  I have a problem with Crystal Reports 8.0. I have a
report which has one parameter and gets data from a stored
procedure. I also added a SubReport which has two
parameters and gets data from a seperate stored procdure.
These two parameters are linked with main report. One
Parameter is linked with Main Reports parameter and the
other is linked with main reports formula field(which has
constant value).  This sub report is added on Main reports
Report Footer section.

Now the problem is When main report does not have any data
Sub report also not showing. I always wanted to show sub
report even main report does not have records. Subreports
SP always returns data even if Main reports SP does not
have data.

So how can I show the sub report always even if main
report does not data.



Tue, 15 Feb 2005 05:19:08 GMT  
 Subreport does not show when main report is blank
Your group and detail bands do not print if there is no data.  If the band does
not print, then the subreport is not triggered.  You can put the subreport in
Report Header, Report Footer, Page Header, or Page Footer and it will run.

Tue, 15 Feb 2005 22:18:35 GMT  
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