running report in Crystal 8.5 via VB6 
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 running report in Crystal 8.5 via VB6

I run my report designed in Crysta 8.5 via VB 6 by
using .ocx on my form in VB,without any problem.
my DB is in SQL Server 2000 and when I connect with
sa login without any password it works correctly ,but
when I define a password and again want to run my report as the same way it
can't run,just it open a white
window and rapidly close it ,
(but in Crystal Report 8.5 enviroment I've no problem with
these 2 cases.)
How can I pass my password to "logonserver information" ?
can anybody help me?

Private Sub cmdprnt3_Click()

     followpath = "iaplanr.rpt"
     With CrystalReport1
       .WindowLeft = 0
       .WindowTop = 0
       .WindowState = crptMaximized
       .MarginLeft = 200
       .ReportFileName = app.path & "a.rpt"
       .ParameterFields(0) = "pplplan_year;" &         txtplplan_yer.Text &
       .WindowShowPrintSetupBtn = True
     End With
End Sub

Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:00:27 GMT  
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