CR.NET Web Viewer takes too long to display report 
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 CR.NET Web Viewer takes too long to display report


I am currently working on a project that requires reports to be published to
the web and I am using Crystal Reports.NET.  The report I am running is
against a dataset that is filled using a 7MB XML file.  The report builds
and produces the correct information but it is taking 150 seconds to load
and roughly the same amount of time to navigate between the pages of the
report.  I have timed how long it takes to build the dataset from the XML
and it seems to be around 25 seconds so the rest of the time must be taken
by crystal processing the information.  Is anyone aware of any techniques I
could use to reduce the amount of time Crystal is taking?

Another problem is that you can only seem to print one page of the report at
a time when viewing through the browser (the page of the report that is
currently visible on screen).  Is there a way to print all the pages in a
report from the browser?

Any help with these problems would be much appreciated.


Mon, 06 Jun 2005 00:25:02 GMT  
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