Formula not Working wihout CR7 Installed 
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 Formula not Working wihout CR7 Installed

I've a number of reports being called from a VB6 exe via the Crystal
Report control (ie. the Crystal files are not compiled). Everything
appears to be ok, but in some instances when I call the reports via the
executable on a machine that does not have Crystal Reports 7 installed
on it, some of the formula fields will not work (though they definitely
work ok on a machine with CR7).

Two examples are:

if isnull({W03XQW.OVRD001}) then Date({W03U999S.CRDATTIM}) else


Count ({W03U999S.CRDATTIM}, {W03U999S.QUEUECD})

There are no error messages produced. In the first instance, some of
the records are printed with no value shown in the column. In the
second example, the count fields are all 0 on the non-CR7 machine.

I assume I'm missing a critical dll that processes formulae, but
haven't managed to identify it yet. Any help much appreciated

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Fri, 04 Jul 2003 21:40:00 GMT  
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