Error "Enable to load report" 
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 Error "Enable to load report"

I'm using VB5 and CR  and NT WorkStation 4.0/Sp3 (but i have the
same error on a Win/95 machine).
I'm able to design the report. I can Execute it and save (without data).But
if I close report and then I open again it
I get the error "Enable to load report".
The report is created from Data Source (Access 95).
If the same report is created against ODBC (same Access Databse) I can
reload the report but when I call it from my VB form
I get and error "Database not found" and is indicated the Cristal Report

Reports saved with CR coming with VB4 or VB3 are ok.

The same error if I call the report from VB (report.action = 1)

Any Idea?


Alberto Vitiello

Tue, 09 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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