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 Force Page Eject / New Page

I have a CRP8.5 bound to an Access 2000 table. The table is already
sorted and "grouped", so its just a simple matter of using CRP to
display/jprint the contents.  The problem: I want to be sure that my
"groups" don't get broken up across pages.

Is there a property that I can check to see if I'm getting ready to
print a particular record on the last "row" of a page, and if so,
force a new page? Is there a way to tell what the "y" coordinate of
the current record is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Keith Whitfield
Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers

Keith Whitfield
Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers

Website :
"Semper Fi"

Wed, 24 Aug 2005 05:19:17 GMT  
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