Crystal Web Reports Server 7 string parameters arent being passed to SQL Server StoredProc 
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 Crystal Web Reports Server 7 string parameters arent being passed to SQL Server StoredProc

I am having this issue with Crystal Web Reports Server 7
Where I pass a varchar or char value as a parameter to Crystal web
report and it does not pass it to the SQL Server 7 Stored Proc

If I change the Parameter Data type in SQL Server to an int, it will
pass it just fine and work but if I make it a varchar or char in SQL
Server then it will not get the data from crystal.  Is there any
reason why this would occur.

The reports run fine from the Client Crystal Report Designer, they
Stored proc runs fine from the Querry Analyser and Every thing is
perfect from the web client if the params in the stored proc are

Is this a bug with Crystal or am I just missing something... I did not
set up the server (one of the network admins did) so I have no clue as
to the settings.


Sun, 02 May 2004 07:25:04 GMT  
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