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 Help! This Makes No Sense!

We use Crystal Reports to post our reports to the internet. We use the
ReCrystallize program to generate the asp code that handles displaying
the report on the web. We currently have a report that consists of a
main report (based on database tables), a subreport with a graph (based
on a query). I do not know the Crystal version that produced the report
but I believe it was Crystal 7. The older report works fine.
I'm working in Crystal 8 and attempting to produce the same set of
circumstances but I am getting errors. I have a main report with a
subreport (based on a query) that produces the error "CPEAUT Error
Occured on Server. 20618. I've looked this error up in the Crystal
support KB and the solution is not applicable to us. If I Recrystallize
the subreport alone I get the error "CPEAUT  Error Occured on Server
20599, Unable to start server". I've looked this error up and applied
the fix suggested by Crystal support but it seems there must be
something else wrong. I've also pinned down in the asp code where the
error occurs but I don't know why the error condition is being set. Any
report based on query generates these errors. Any report based directly
on the database tables works great and I am at a loss to explain why
the older report works and the new ones do not. I suspect an ODBC issue
and have applied Crystal Supports fix yet still there is a problem.

Any ideas?

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thank you

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