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Here's what I need:

* an application that can be downloaded to a clients

* the application contains a list of keywords and related

* when the user goes to a webpage if one of the keywords
is found a icon is displayed on the page next to the word.

* user clicks the icon and is redirected to the link
assigned to that keyword.

* prefer to do this in VB if possible.

Example:  One of the keywords is "nasdaq".  User goes to
msn homepage where there's a financial article with the
word "nasdaq" in the article.  The application sees this
and places an icon next to the word financial which links
to "".

I've never done anything remotely close to this so I am
pretty lost on where to start.  I've done a lot of reading
on web helper controls, MSHTML, DHTML, webcontrols etc and
have found a lot of info on doing this with C++/COM/ATL
but nothing with VB.

If someone would PLEASE get me going on this I would be
very appreciative.

Thank you in advance,

Troy Johnson

Mon, 13 Sep 2004 02:59:50 GMT  
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