Winsock Get Data getting lost in IE?? 
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 Winsock Get Data getting lost in IE??


I have an application which has a winsock control listening for web
requests. When a request comes in, the VB5.0 program goes out to a
mainframe (outside of our location), and gets relevent data (to send
back to the web browser). Since this data needs to be assembled into a
web page via .asp, I have the VB Program send a meta refresh with GET
data appended to the end. Sometimes this data is large, and MSIE chops
it. What can I do??


1. Web Request for Hotel Reservation made by Internet Web User.
2. VB Program goes out and get's hotel availability (room rates).
3. At this point I have the data variables for all of the rooms rand
rates for those rooms in the VB Program. I need to send this data back
to the browser.
4. Send a meta refresh = http://www.*-*-*.com/ ?var1=data&var2=data
5. If there are more than say 100 pairs of data, MSIE chops them off,
and they go to never never land. Netscape handles them just fine.

I would prefer to send these pairs via post instead of get, but I have
been unsucessful in sending post data via Winsock control. All of the
cgi-stuff thats out there assumes that the web browser will call the
cgi directly to read the post, but My program is always running.

Any help would be great!!
Thanks in advance,

Jeff Noble

Fri, 29 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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