Internet Server Error: Request Forbidden 
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 Internet Server Error: Request Forbidden

I have an ActiveX control used in a web page that accesses a business object
on the server using RDS. This all worked fine on NT 4. I am trying to get
Windows 2000 AS working but I get this error (Internet Server Error: Request
Forbidden). The ActiveX control and business objects are the same on both
servers. I have added the correct entry in the ADCLaunch key of the registry
for the business object. Is there something else I need to do on Windows
2000 to be able to use RDS?

Here's more info :
The ActiveX control in the web page creates a business object on server via
RDS. The Business object creates Data object which uses ADO to access an
ODBC database via a System DSN.

Thanks for any help

Jeff miko

Tue, 15 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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