Very simple ActiveX/WebBrowser question (long version) 
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 Very simple ActiveX/WebBrowser question (long version)

This is a long post but a simple question whose answer could be only one word long.

OK, I'm using V5 CCE and as a test to see if I know what the heck I'm doing I
created a simple ActiveX control that consists of a textbox and a button.
Clicking on the button results in:
Sub Command1_MouseClick()
End Sub

I put the control in a VB form and added the following code to the form:
Sub DoAlert(f)
End Sub

I ran it and it worked.  VB gave me a message box with the text I had entered
in the textbox.

I then installed the .OCX control on my system using the Application Setup
Wizard and put the control in a web page, with a VBScript like the following:
Sub DoAlert(f)
End Sub

I viewed the page, entered some text in the textbox, clicked on the button,
and got an error message saying that the object or method doesn't exist.

Specifically, it's referring to Parent.DoAlert.  What's the WebBrowser
equivalent for Parent.<VBScript method>??  I'm using IE4.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jon Davis
NewBreed Communications

Only a genious could take a $10,000 loan and begin filling the planet with a
personal computer on every desktop.

Tue, 07 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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