Different behavior between Win2000 and WinXP Pro 
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 Different behavior between Win2000 and WinXP Pro

I am writing an app in VB 6.0 SP5 and in this app are a ListView control and
a Webbrowser control. The ListView control populates itself with the names
of all .doc files in a specified directory. Clicking on any item (filename)
in the ListView triggers  the following

Private Sub selectFile()
    Dim sFile as string

    sFile = App.Path & "\" & ListView1.SelectedItem.Text

    WebBrowser1.Navigate sFile, 14

End Sub

When I run this on Win2000 Pro the WebBrowser control displays the document
(which is what I want) but when I run the same code on WinXP Pro it pops up
the Save/Open/Cancel/More Info dialog box. Both PCs are running IE 6.0.2600
and the settings are the same on both. The only difference is that the XP
machine is running version 6.0.2600.xp-client of IE.
Any ideas?


Sun, 14 Nov 2004 01:30:24 GMT  
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