Opening a file of unkown type error - re: activex docs 
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 Opening a file of unkown type error - re: activex docs

To All:

When writing an active document and running it on the
development machine in IE all seems to work properly.
However if your client machine does not know what to
do with the vbd then try this bizarre solution.

Make sure the HScrollSmallChange and VScrollSmallChange
are divisible by the width and height respectively.
For example if HScrollSmallChange is set to 15 then the docs
width must be 15,30,45 ... 300 .... 360 .. 9000 whatever. do the
same for height and VScrollSmallChange.

Another note! DO NOT rebuild the project in setup wizard with
auto increment set. It does not sync properly.


: Has anyone found an answer to the problem of IE (vers 3 or 4) displaying
: the dialog box of "trying to open a file of unknown type" when accessing
: ActiveX Document (either dll or exe)?

Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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