VB object return wrong value in ASP page 
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 VB object return wrong value in ASP page

I am using VB 4.0 32 bit to create my object. My NT 4.0 server has IIS 3.0
and ASP installed on it. I have a VB object called StringProcess with
clsIstring as the class name, and I registered the object on the NT server.
When I call the object from another VB program (lTopicKey =
Istring.IField(sTopicKeyLst, ",", ix)), I got the correct return value
(lTopicKey = 1), but when I call it from an ASP page (<%lTopicKey =
I got blank as the return value (lTopicKey = blank). Could you pls let me
know what I did wrong? Thank you very much in advance.

The following is some code from my ASP page:

<%Set Istring = Server.CreateObject("StringProcess.clsIstring")
Set dbConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
dbConnection.Open "ABC"
Set rs = dbConnection.Execute(sSQL)
sTopicKeyLst = ""
Do While Not rs.EOF%>
<script language="VBScript">
           outline.AddItem "<%=rs("TOPIC_KEY")%>"
           sTopicKeyLst = sTopicKeyLst & "," & <%=rs("TOPIC_KEY")%>
<script language="VBScript">
sTopicKeyLst = mid(sTopicKeyLst,2)

<script language="VBScript">
Sub SetTopicKey()
    ix = outline.listindex + 1
    msgbox ix
    msgbox sTopicKeyLst
    <%lTopicKey = Istring.ifield(sTopicKeyLst,",",ix)%>
    msgbox "<%=lTopicKey%>"                     ---->>>>>>>> RESULTED IN BLANK
    <%Session("TopicKey") = lTopicKey%>
end sub

The following is another VB program that calls the object:

    Dim Istring As Object ' Declare variable to hold the reference.

    Set Istring = CreateObject("StringProcess.clsIstring")
    sTopicKeyLst = "0,1,48,49,50"
    ix = 2
    lTopicKey = Istring.IField(sTopicKeyLst, ",", ix)         ---->>>>>>>>

The following is the VB object

Public Function IField(st, substr, cnt)
  IField = Trim(txt)
End Function

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