Passing URL from VB5 to IE4 
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 Passing URL from VB5 to IE4


> I've got a project that I need to pass a URL to a running instance of
> IE4. Problem is that everything i have tried opens up a new instance
> of IE4 rather than using the one that is still there. I can identity
> the hwnd of the running IE, but don't really understand how to refer
> to it as an object name to apply  .navigate2 or other commands.

> Since I want to keep the look and feel of the IE4 branding, using
> the webbrowser control isn't an option.

> One more little tidbit, in all cases, IE4 will be running before the
> customer application ever starts.

> Any ideas?


How about DDE ?

    ddelabel.LinkTopic = "Iexplore|WWW_OpenURL"
    ddelabel.LinkMode = 2
    wURL$ = Chr$(34) & "http:/" & Chr$(34)
    Item$ = wURL$ & ",,-1,0x1,,,,"
    ddelabel.LinkItem = Item$
    ddelabel.LinkMode = 0


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