ActiveX DLL Re-Compile: Permission Denied (AGAIN) 
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 ActiveX DLL Re-Compile: Permission Denied (AGAIN)

I had this problem for the longest time...

All I do is stop the IISAdmin Service from the Control Panel-Services
applet, then restart the WWW Service.  This works everytime for me now...
Have you stopped and started the services from Control Panel?


>Hi all,

>I've been searching on this topic for quite a while, but I have had no luck
>following anyone's tips.

>I am developing an ActiveX dll in VB5 that is referenced in ASP using IIS4.
>Most of the time when I need to recompile the dll, I get this error:

>Permission Denied:"..\PATH TO MY DLL"

Wed, 04 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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