mail attachments with VB? 
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 mail attachments with VB?

I use ole32 for create a mapi session

I have problem to attach files with Microsoft Outlook Client
My Files are Jpeg pictures and Access databases

If I remove de code between lines '******************
No errors occurs

My code is following

Tank You

Private Sub MapiStart()

    On Error GoTo MAPIStartErr
    Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
    objSession.Logon ProfileName:="Microsoft Outlook", showdialog:=True

    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Number & Error$, vbInformation, "Erreur au login de la
    Erreur = 1
End Sub

Public Sub CreerMessage()
    Dim objMessage As Object
    Dim objMessageColl As Object
    Dim objRecip As Object
    Dim objRecipColl As Object
    Dim objAttach As Object
    Dim objAttachColl As Object

    Dim NomFic As String
    Dim cpt As Integer

    cpt = 0

    ' Crer un message, attacher les fichiers
    ' Afficher la fentre d'envoi
    On Error Resume Next

    Set objMessageColl = objSession.Outbox.Messages
    Set objMessage = objMessageColl.Add
    objMessage.Subject = "MAJBDrep"

    ' Attache les fichiers
    NomFic = Dir(CheminBase & "Envois\FicEnvois\" & "*.*")

    '******************** Problem is here ********************
    ' Pour chaque fichier du dossier d'envoi
    Do While NomFic <> ""
        Set objAttachColl = objMessage.Attachments
        Set objAttach = objAttachColl.Add
        objAttach.Name = NomFic
        objAttach.Position = cpt
        objAttach.ReadFromFile = CheminBase & "envois\FicEnvois\" & NomFic
        cpt = cpt + 1
        NomFic = Dir

    Set objRecipColl = objMessage.Recipients
    Set objRecip = objRecipColl.Add

'    objRecip.Type = 1
    objRecip.Name = Destinataire    ' Contient l'adresse E-mail du


    objMessage.send showdialog:=True ' afficher la fentre
End Sub

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