Wininet problem 
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 Wininet problem

The goal off my app is download and upload files from a FTP site. I've an
application that runs on a server and other app that runs on a client
computers. The client request a file to be upload or download and the server
app (wich is always running) executes the request. Download files are a
daily operation and have the same name and are saved to the same folder.
When i download a file with the same name and diferent contents more than
one time, without stop the server app, the file is not replaced in the
destination folder, even if i delete the files in the destination folder, he
always get the first file that has beeen download. If i stop the app server
everithing works fine.
Can someone explain why this happen?
Thanks in advance

Wed, 25 May 2005 20:38:11 GMT  
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