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 My thoughts

First I would say since your on a VB newsgroup that your likely to get more
votes for VB.    From a professional point of view I would the safest best
bet is Visual Basic and SQL Server or Oracle.    Visual Basic has and IS
continuing to make great strides into current and future technologies.  It
is very versatile, fast and expandable.  Although it has a few bugs (what
system doesn't?) it is, from my point of view, much more powerful and
development capable than most other systems out there.

In your research I would look at  all of the aspects of a development
system INCLUDING but not limited too 3rd party support, future expansion of
the product and versatility of the product (Stand alone, Client Server,
Internet, Intranet, Web etc etc etc).

Todd B
State of Wisconsin - DHFS/BIS

Tue, 02 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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