GPF closing IE5 after viewing page with USercontrol 
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 GPF closing IE5 after viewing page with USercontrol

Hi,we have a usercontrol written with VB6 sp5 that is
used on a web page.
The problem is that every time the user closes IE5
(actually,5.5) after
viewing the page containing the control, a GPF occurs.

Has anyone heard of a problem like this and knows what may
be the cause?
The only article about a similar problem I found on MSDN
"HOWTO: Troubleshoot ActiveX Control Crashes in Internet
Explorer", which lists 3 possible causes, none of which
seems to apply on our control:Your Control is Single
Threaded,Your Control Hosts Many Other Nested Controls,
Your control is Not Cleaning Up Resources Properly

Tue, 10 Feb 2004 03:17:38 GMT  
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