BUG: webbrowser control, ASP Session object and window.open() 
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 BUG: webbrowser control, ASP Session object and window.open()

- a small VB application browsing a WWW site using the IE 4 webbrowser
- a WWW site using Javascript (or VBScript) window.open hosted on a ASPed
IIS 3.0
- an ASP application based on several Session variabled

Opening new windows using window.open from the HTML in the webbrowser in the
VB application, causes IIS not to realize that we are not creating a new

In other words, the new window cannot access to the Session variabled
defined in webbrowser in the VB app, and all I get are empty variants.

Gianfranco Cecconi
Inaz Paghe Srl
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Tue, 02 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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