Bugs with VB6 IIS Applications 
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 Bugs with VB6 IIS Applications

I have been trying to develop IIS Applications in vb6
However there seems to be some bugs with this type of project

When saving the project vb parses any html templates and
attempts to add or delete any html tags it feels is required.
Unfortunately, vb6 does a poor job of this, and winds up adding
tags that are not required or removes tags that are.

for example I have a template that has numerous tables, for some
reason vb6 keeps removing the closing tag </TABLE> for the tables
in the template but then adds a closing tag </TD>  for the last row in the
 After doing this when you attempt to click on the template in the webclass
designer, a msgbox comes up that says
"An unspecified error has occured", how microsoft is that, an unspecified
error occuring in a $800 piece of software. To make
matters even worse, I can not even delete the corrupted templates
I get an unspecified error.

I have been able to open some of the templates up in
notepad and fix them, then return to vb. This has worked on some but not
all. But I have some serious concerns continuing my
development in a development enviornment with a problem like this.

I guess my question is, Has anyone else experieced anything
like this? Is there a Fix?

Wed, 04 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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