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 Create E-Mail in HTML Format


How can I send an E-Mail in HTML format with Visual Basic 5.0?
Can I use the MAPISession and MAPIMessages contol to do this?


Sun, 21 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Create E-Mail in HTML Format

The MAPI controls can't send HTML-formatted messages because they only
provide an interface to Simple MAPI.  You would need to go through
Extended MAPI, and I believe that Active Messaging and CDO can do this.

Our IDSMail component can also send HTML messages via Internet mail.
For example:

Dim idsMail as Object
Set idsMail = CreateObject("IDSMailInterface.Server")
idsMail.ObjectKey = "ABC123"
idsMail.MailSystem =IDSM_SYS_SMTP_POP
idsMail.SMTPServer = ""

idsMail.Subject = "Meeting Agenda"
idsMail.Message = "This is the plain-text version of the message."
idsMail.AddAlternative "C:\MAIL\MYHTML.HTM"
idsMail.AddAttachment "C:\MEETINGS\AGENDA.DOC"

In the example, the HTML content is in a file called MYHTML.HTM and is
added to the message as an alternative body part.  When the message is
received, if the mail client is capable of displaying HTML, then your
HTML will be displayed.  If the mail client cannot display HTML, it will
take the plain-text form of the message (which you submitted with the
Message property) and display that instead.

For more information on IDSMail, go to


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Sun, 21 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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