WebBrowser control on VB6 control??? 
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 WebBrowser control on VB6 control???

Hi, all!!  Using VB6 SP5 to build a control for use on a web page...

Simple question, maybe: when I try to load a variable containing valid html
code into an instance of WebBrowser control in an ActiveX control:
    webbrowser1.navigate "about:" & myHTMLStuff

it fails, with the usual IE error about the page not being available.

However, the exact same code in a stand-alone VB app works perfectly.

Is there a rule that prohibits IE from painting a webpage if it's running
from a control??  Can't see why that would make sense, but given all of the
"features" the recent patches have been giving us... ;-)


Tue, 15 Nov 2005 07:46:44 GMT  
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