INet Error Trapping 
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 INet Error Trapping

I have a problem trying to trap time-outs using the opemurl and

The scenario is this; openurl only opens a 'random' amount of the text
file. So whilst the connection is still open, getchunk is used to
retrive the remaining data in 1024 bytes chunks... This works
perfectly unless .......

a user is not connected to the inter/intrarnet, so the connection
times out (according to inet1.RequestTimeout value). What happens is
that, there is no error response (icError). Normal error handling (On
Error GoTo) does not pick up the error and so the program exits.

Anyone had this problem? or any solutions?

only get about 10% of the messages.


Mon, 20 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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