How to use a file on the server with VB 5.0 CCE 
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 How to use a file on the server with VB 5.0 CCE

I got the VB 5.0 Control Creation Edition, which is in English the light,
free version of VB 5.0 (it comes with no documentation at all). I have
installed it and created a sample applet (I got some old VB 3.0 sources
from the remote locations on my hard disk and recompiled them after making
the UserControls). The applet of mine uses a file located in the same
folder as the program itself resides. I used the App.Path property to
determine the path.
After I made the OCX and copied it, the sample HTML page created by the
Setup Wizard and the files it used, into a folder, I started the applet and
it worked. However, I realized that the compiler stored the value of
App.Path, as it always returned the same folder the _source_ resided in at
compilation time. If I omit the App.Path and simply use, say,
then it will look for MAP.001 in the user's (the browser's user's) Desktop
folder. My question is:
*How to use a file on the HTTP server using a relative path?*
I mean if I had the page at http://www.*-*-*.com/
had MAP.001 in the same folder, then the above line (OPEN) would open

Thanks for your answers in advance!

rdi "Cactus" Gerg?

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~bracz/Guys/Cactus/Cactus.htm
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