Custom ActiveX control won't show in IE browser under Windows 95 on other computers 
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 Custom ActiveX control won't show in IE browser under Windows 95 on other computers

I created a custom ActiveX component in VB 5.  I compiled it into an ocx
I placed my custom control into an index.htm page.
I used VB Setup Wizard to create an Internet Download package -- cab files,
I placed both the index.htm page and the Internet Download files onto the
Web Server.
When I browse the index.htm file from another computer, using IE 3.02, the
browser downloads the files and installs them (setting the Safety level
temporarily to 'None').
The proper messages also downloads the dependent Microsoft
controls from the Microsoft site...with Certificates and all.
However, the ActiveX control does not show -- there is not a trace of it....
just empty space.
I checked the index.htm file - it has the <object> tags with the proper
I checked the Registry -- it shows the control (with CLSID) to be installed.
All of the dependent DLL's seem to be where they are supposed to be.
On my computer (with all of the VB development environment installed),
the custom ActiveX component shows and works fine when I browse the
index.htm file on the Web Server.
All of this is on Windows 95 with MS Internet Explorer.
This is nice technology....but very frustrating when you can't get it to
Any help would be appreciated....Thanks...Dave

Sat, 23 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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