Help for VScroll control in VB5 
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 Help for VScroll control in VB5

I have to implement a catalogue of images.  I load the image in a db and
display them by row of three within a frame using image control.
The problem is that when I have more rows than the window frame can display.  
So then I activate the VScroll control.  At that level, I cannot move up or
down each row.  I always end up out of range , or else.  I don't seem to
underdstand the VScroll.value how it can work.  The problem I have is that I
cannot detect if I go up or down..  Simple no?  If somebody has the experience
of such a problem i would appreciate some help.  Here is part of the my code.
Private Sub VScroll1_Change()
Dim vIndex, I As Integer
Static vScrollValue As Integer
vIndex = UBound(picPath, 2)

   picPool(I).Visible = False
    Text1(I).Visible = False
    chk1(I).Visible = False

 For I = 1 To vIndex

        picPool(I).Move picPool(I).Left, picPool(I).Top - VScroll1.Value,
picPool(I).Width, picPool(I).Height
        Text1(I).Move Text1(I).Left, (Text1(I).Top - VScroll1.Value),
Text1(I).Width, Text1(I).Height
        chk1(I).Move chk1(I).Left, (chk1(I).Top - VScroll1.Value),
chk1(I).Width, chk1(I).Height

    Debug.Print "<picPool(I).Left" & picPool(I).Left
    Debug.Print "<picPool(I).Top" & picPool(I).Top
    Debug.Print "<VScroll1.Value" & VScroll1.Value
    Debug.Print "<picPool(I).Top - VScroll1.Value" & picPool(I).Top -
    Debug.Print "<picPool(I).Width" & picPool(I).Width
    Debug.Print "<picPool(I).Height" & picPool(I).Height

   picPool(I).Visible = True
    Text1(I).Visible = True
    chk1(I).Visible = True

End Sub

Tue, 26 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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