VB? how to inner join two tables in two MS Access database 
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 VB? how to inner join two tables in two MS Access database

Hi Mike,

The way I did it was to open the current db in a connection, then use the
SELECT INTO  clause. I'm sure you could use an inner join as well (have not

strMoveQuery = "SELECT * INTO [" & vtmpListforTableCmp & "] IN '" &
dsnActiveDB & "' FROM [" & vtmpListforTableCmp & "]"

Hope this helps,
Rich Lemmermann
TechArts Engineer

PS: I spent hours trying to develop code to do what that statement does LOL


> I am using VB to program a query:

> sql = "update company inner join removelist on company.fax=removelist.fax"
& _
> " set company.remark= 'remove'"
> db.Execute sql

> company and removelist is two table in one MDB file,
> but if I want to put company table in A.MDB,
> removelist table in B.MDB

> how should I change the sql
> or any other way can do that.

Sat, 15 May 2004 23:36:25 GMT  
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