VB/Inet Control component crashes VB 
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 VB/Inet Control component crashes VB

I have built a component (DLL) which I use in active server page to connect
to a credit card system at a specific URL and return results to the ASP
The component works very well but when I debug it through VB, either opening
in a browser or adding a test project, whenever I try to stop the project,
it locks up.
I am using an Inet Xfer control on a form in the DLL to do the communication
to the credit card processor.
I tried to out the inet control in a user control and tried to load it as a
reference but could not get either to work.
The only way I could get success was to put the control on a form.
When I compile the DLL, it seems to work well but I may be having related
problem as I have to reboot everytime I want to recompile even with the DLL
in Transaction Server. Or I have to recompile under another name and rebuild
the package in MTX.

Any Ideas???
Bill MacIntyre
Moncton NB Canada

Fri, 06 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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