How to conver a standard form(.frm) to Web enabled form 
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 How to conver a standard form(.frm) to Web enabled form

I am using VB6 as my front end.

I have converted an existing standard form to userdocument (through Activex
migration wizard) i.e VBD file, now I have created a HTML file and axising
the vbd file, I can browse locally but when i browse from the other machine
(I have Lan Setup NT), I am able to download the vbd file but it is not
openning the vbd file in the browser but displays a message
1.Open from existing location
2.Save to Local Hard disk
I have tried both the methods, it dose not work,

Please guid me, how to convert a standard form to Web enabled project and
axis throughout the network.


Wed, 16 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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