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Not really the right group but anyway.

As ive been on vacasion for a while and use my home internet access ive not
really read the old messages but anyway.

As ive upgraded my home pc to win98 and tried to do something with vb ive go
to a bug report.

If ive use the mscommoncontrol32.ocx file it crashes the computer when the
components is load to vb. Well perhaps i need a newer than the servicepack3
for vb has. Also few games crash in win98, so nothing is changed. I've have
to go back to win95 for some serious developing and anyway my new job when
it starts in a week or two is only for developing for nt workstation
envirioment. Then i need the shitty dualboot with fat32/ntfs probless and so

Anyway if someone knows for any updates please let me know.

Wed, 03 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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