Getting a detailed directory listing using Internet transfer control, file sizes 
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 Getting a detailed directory listing using Internet transfer control, file sizes

I was struggling for a long time trying to find a method of getting a
detailed directory listing of a folder on a ftp server using the
Internet Transfer Control, but I've found a pretty good solution, and
it works well with little coding, assuming your familiar with VB.  I
read a post somewhere that suggested using the OpenUrl method of Inet
to retreive a directory listing in HTML from the server, therefore
having to parse out a bunch of {*filter*}HTML code and also having to
enable directory browsing on the server.  I took this idea one step
further and created a ASP page that uses the
Scripting.FileSystemObject object to read a directory and to
response.write all the filenames and dates delimited nicely by commas,
minus all the HTML tags and such.  Then in my VB app I simple use the
OpenURL method to call that ASP page, and in turn I get back one big
string of file names and dates.  Parsing this out is very easy with
the Visual Basic Split function, i use split once to place every date
and file name pair into an array, then loop through the array and
again parse the data inside each array element.  Hope this saves
someone a headache.

Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:57:53 GMT  
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