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 MAPI controls - mail message attachments


I've got an app that scans a mailbox looking for returned (undeliverable)
messages from a mailshot we sent out. Each message in the mailshot had a
unique ID in the message text, and the app goes looking for those ID's so
it can record who won't have received a message.

The trouble is that some mail systems return the original message as an
attachment (appears as an envelope icon in Outlook). I've tried using code
to access the attachments and process the text as it would process a
message body. This is the code that should theoretically give me the text
from the attached message and put it in the debug window:

If MAPIMessages1.AttachmentCount = 1 Then

        AttachmentPath = MAPIMessages1.AttachmentPathName

        Open AttachmentPath For Input As #1
        AttachmentContent = ""
        Do While Not EOF(1)
               AttachmentContent = AttachmentContent & Input(1, #1)
        Close #1

        Debug.Print AttachmentContent

End If                

BUT all I get in the debug window is this....

D? ?

What's going on??!!



Tue, 11 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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