VB6 and HTML INPUT TYPE=image 
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 VB6 and HTML INPUT TYPE=image
I run the Client side ASP page from my company's Server in the Browser
Control. Accessing password and authentication presents no problems. I
am able to fill out form fields ok and submit and accomplish other
interactions with the HTML page.  My question has to do with Image
buttons. There are 24 image objects i.e..:

name=F8 src=" . . . /FK8.gif" tabindex=-1 type=image><INPUT border=0

I know that upon clicking the F8 image button the name "F8" with the
appended mouse pointer coordinates (within the image) is sent as a value
to the server along with a submit for the form. I also know that the
.value of this object can not be assigned in code. Do I position the
mouse pointer within the .gif and use the click method? The "F8" image
submits the form and request the next form, there are a series of 9
forms to fill out. My question is how can I submit the "F8" name with
(or without) appended mouse coordinates to the server? In other words
how can I activate the F8 image button from VB6?

I have read much about HTML and ASP's, but I do not seem able to do this
yet. I would like to see more Client side VB topics covered in VBPJ. I
don't mind hard work, just need to be pointed the right direction.

David Little

Mon, 20 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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