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 WebBrowser odd behaviour

I have 20 users of a freeware prog that uses WebBrowser control. Last week I
modified the prog a bit, updated my IE to IE 5.50 Service Pack 1 and VB6 to
SP4 (was originally "vanilla" VB6 without any SP's). Recompiled and made a
"deployment package". None of the program mods were in the area of the
WebBrowser form, incidentally.

Now since this time 2 of the 20 users get the "Download File" dialog (Open
or Save to Disk thing) whenever a web page is accessed using the WebBrowser
control. If you try to access  an htm file stored locally on the users HD
the same thing happens. The other 18 users are all OK. The 2 users mentioned
can still run the old version of the prog without any problem. In both cases
IE5 itself is quite happy to open the web pages without the dialog.

The 2 machines are quite different, one running Win 98 the other Win 95 and
one on IE5.01 and the other already on IE5.50 SP 1, just like me. Neither
have VB installed.

Any ideas ? I'm going frantic

(P.S. both "odd" users live thousands of miles away from me so I can't go
take a look at their machines).

Mon, 26 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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