ActiveX DLL Component testing/Debugging (passing collections in immediate window) 
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 ActiveX DLL Component testing/Debugging (passing collections in immediate window)

I have an ActiveX DLL component I made for my ASP website.  I'm trying
to debug it.  I did a Run/Start with full compile.  Then clicked on
pause (|| button, called Break).  Then went to the immediate window and
typed "set obj = new UserClass" (UserClass is a class module inside my
DLL component that I want to debug).  I can then sort of interact with
my methods/etc by doing things like "?" but since I'm doing
this in Visual Basic for ASP pages my arguements are all Variants.  In
particular collections (so I can pass them back and forth from the
ActiveX DLL to my ASP pages).  How do I pass a Collection in my
immediate window??  Below is an example of one of my methods in my
UsersClass class module.  So I do run, break, go to immediate window and
type "set obj = new UsersClass" (a class module in my project).  Then do
"? obj.UserAuth" (a method/function in UsersClass) and of course I get a
runtime error saying argument not optional, because I didn't pass the
vAuthInfo collection.  How do I do that?  How do I pass a collection of
variables inside the immediate window?  Below is the method... I need to
pass a Collection to it that holds "usersname" and "password" as a

Public Function UserAuth(ByVal vAuthInfo As Variant) As Variant
  Dim vResponse As New Collection
  Dim SQLString As String
  Dim DBConn As String
  DBConn = "filedsn=c:\filedsn.dsn;UID=ibbs;PWD=ibbs123;"
  SQLString = "SELECT [user].username, [user].password, [user].custnum,
[user].email FROM [user]"
  SQLString = SQLString & " WHERE [user].username = '" &
vAuthInfo("username") & "'"
  Set oDb = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  oDb.Open DBConn
  Set oRs = oDb.Execute(SQLString)
  If Not oRs.EOF Then ' User exists
    vResponse.Add True, Key:="exists"
    vResponse.Add Trim(oRs.Fields("username")), "username"
    vResponse.Add Trim(oRs.Fields("password")), "password"
    vResponse.Add Trim(oRs.Fields("email")), "email"
    vResponse.Add Trim(oRs.Fields("custnum")), "custnum"
    If (Trim(oRs.Fields("password")) Like Trim(vAuthInfo("password")))
Then ' Correct password
      vResponse.Add True, Key:="passed"
      vResponse.Add False, Key:="passed"
    End If
    vResponse.Add False, Key:="exists"
  End If
  Set UserAuth = vResponse
End Function

Rick Di Lorenzo
Systems Administrator
MCP+Internet MCSE
JCI Corporation

Sat, 29 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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