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 Download to specific folders

Is there a way to download the contents of a CAB files to locations
other than "Downloaded Program Files", Windows directory, or

If I have some custom build DLLs that I wish to download to a folder
called C:\Program Files\MyOwnDLLs instead of the default location,
what do I need to change in the INF file before I make the CAB? I have
figured out how to create the Registry settings but have no success in
coding the path or creating the proper directory structures!

My CAB file(s) (and the ASP pages) will be sitting in a IIS server and
downloaded using Internet Explorer 5.01+.

Is there any documentation anywhere on the web or in books on how to
do that? I have searched extensively in MSDN, the newsgroups, and the
IE5 Resource Kit but found no examples.

I have seen this done on commercial websites like "Comet Cursor" in
which ActiveX controls are downloaded directly into customized
directories without further user intervention.

Thanks in advance.

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 05:14:10 GMT  
 Download to specific folders

Sorry, please disregard my previous email. It is actually a section for
DDK. You may use DestinationDirs section in your INF file. I can find out
some description in IE 5 resource kit in MSDN CD. But unfortunately I can
not find any reference in online MSDN. So I copied here some of them:

[DestinationDirs] Section
file-list-section=ldid[,subdir ]
DefaultDestDir=ldid[,subdir ]

The [DestinationDirs] section defines the destination directories for the
given [File-List] sections and optionally defines the default directory for
any [File-List] sections that are not explicitly named.

file-list section
Name of a [File-List] section. This name must have been defined in a
Copyfiles, RenFiles, or DelFiles entry in the [Install] section.
Windows setup, installation and back-up destination directories.
The following table presents possible names, values, and the use of the
directories for LDIDS.

LDID Information

Name of LDID Value Directory use

LDID_SRCPATH 1 Source of temporary installation setup directory used by
setup, this is only valid during regular install and contains the INF and
other binary files. May be read-only location.
LDID_SETUPTEMP 2 Temporary setup directory for install path to uninstall
location, this is where we backup files that will be overwritten.
LDID_UNINSTALL 3 Uninstall (backup) directory path for the copy engine.
LDID_BACKUP 4 BUGBUG: backup directory for the copy engine, not used
temporary setup directory used by setup, this is only valid during regular
install and is guaranteed to be a read/write location for scratch space.
LDID_SETUPSCRATCH 5 Temporary setup directory for scratch space.  

Windows destination directories of the installation
LDID_WIN 10 Destination \Windows directory (just user files).
LDID_SYS 11 Destination \Windows System directory.
LDID_IOS 12 Destination \Windows Iosubsys directory.
LDID_CMD 13 Destination \Windows Command (DOS) directory.
LDID_CPL 14 Destination \Windows Control Panel directory.
LDID_PRINT 15 Destination \Windows Printer directory.
LDID_MAIL 16 Destination \Mail directory.
LDID_INF 17 Destination \Windows *INF directory.
LDID_HELP 18 Destination \Windows Help directory.
LDID_FONTS 20 Destination \Windows Font directory.
LDID_VIEWERS 21 Destination \Windows Viewers directory.
LDID_VMM32 22 Destination \Windows VMM32 directory.
LDID_COLOR 23 Destination \Windows Color directory.
LDID_APPS 24 Applications folder location. Shared directories for net

Boot and old Windows and DOS directories

LDID Value Directory use

LDID_WINBOOT 26 Guaranteed boot device for windows.
LDID_MACHINE 27 Machine specific files.
LDID_HOST_WINBOOT 28  Boot and old \Windows and DOS directories.
LDID_BOOT 30 Root directory of boot drive.
LDID_BOOT_HOST 31 Root directory of boot drive host.
LDID_OLD_WINBOOT 32 Subdirectory off of Root (optional).
LDID_OLD_WIN 33 Old \Windows directory (if it exists).
LDID_OLD_DOS 34 Old \DOS directory (if it exists).
LDID_OLD_NET 35 Old network root directory, only valid during network
LDID_MOUSE 36 Path to MOUSE env. variable if set or same as LDID_WIN only
valid after mouse class installer.

Variable LDIDs
Variable LDIDs (VarLDIDs) allow for INFs to reliably find the existing
Program Files, Accessories, etc., locations.
Directories that have long file names or that may have extended characters
in their names may have multiple LDIDs. For example, 28700 and 28701 both
point to "Program Files", but 28700 corresponds to the short file name
"Progra~1" while 28701 corresponds to the long file name. Likewise, 28700
and 28702 both point to the short name "Progra~1", but 28700 renders this
name in the OEM character set whereas 28702 renders it in ANSI characters.
Different LDIDs are appropriate for different uses. In general, OEM/SFN
LDIDs are uses for file copying, ANSI/LFN are used for strings written to
the registry, and ANSI/SFN are used for Setup.ini entries that create start
menu shortcuts.

The flag values at the end of the VarLDID.LFN and VarLDID.SFN sections show
how the directories are represented internally as strings. The flag values
have the following meanings:

0 = OEM/SFN (Default)1 = ANSI/SFN2 = OEM/LFN3 = ANSI/LFN

Name of the directory, within the directory named by ldid, to be the
destination directory.
The optional DefaultDestDir entry provides a default destination for any

[File-List] section not specified in the [DestinationDirs] section. If
DefaultDestDir is not given, the default directory is set to LDID_WIN.

This example sets the destination directory for the MoveMiniPort section to
the \Windows Iosubsys directory, and sets the default directory for other
sections to be the \BIN directory on the boot drive:

; Destination for MoveMiniPort Section is windows\iosubsys
DefaultDestDirs=30,bin  ; Direct copies go to Boot:\bin

Hope this helps!

Yan Liu
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Tue, 04 Jan 2005 14:55:56 GMT  
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