Weird behaviour in a vb6 app using IE Control 
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 Weird behaviour in a vb6 app using IE Control

Hi there,

I have create a small VB6 (sp5) EXE containing 1 form and only one control
on it: Web Control (IE6-SP1)

The browser control is connecting to a large web application that use XML
HTTP and XML Data island to fetch and save information from and to a
database via vb6 dlls

Now, my problem is simple, almost every time I save the data (post the
data), what I do is:

1- Create a XMLHTTP object
2- Send the xml on it
3- Receive the xml on a server side asp page
4- Send the xml to a VB DLL
5- Get the result from the VB DLL
6- Return the result via the xmlhttp
7- Databinding is refreching the fields

At the end of those steps, for no reason, another application is bring in
front of my vb app.
I did not code that and it looks like it can be any other app (I suspect it
is the last one used)

It's like if I had coded the alt-tab key operation or use my mouse to click
on an item in the taskbar.

If I have 2 instance of the VB app, it's switch between each other
It might be word, notepad, windows explorer, Access, etc;

The question is : why the hell there is an automatic task switching?

I'm lost and I need your help, 'cause the smoke is comming out of my
custemer's head!!!

Manuel Dion

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 02:23:51 GMT  
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