XMLHTTP.. Does it support cookies ? 
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 XMLHTTP.. Does it support cookies ?

XMLHTTP.. Does it support cookies ? . I have received
conflicting answers on this so far..Pls advice.

I am using XMLHTTP to logon to a website. ( IIS 5.0 ,
SiteServer 3.0 ). The logon page drops Form_auth cookie
which is referenced by subsequent pages for authenticated
users. The problems is the logon page redirects the user
to another page. it give a 401 error in the IIS log. It
appears to me that the redirected page is looking for the
Form_auth cookie. Does XMLHHTP have the ability to handle
cookies for redirected pages. Pls not a GET to the logon
page works fine.

This is running on a client.


Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:54:12 GMT  
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