SP2 or SP3 Signed CABs? 
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 SP2 or SP3 Signed CABs?

I'm having serious problems getting some ActiveX controls installed over the
where the client does not have the correct versions of some standard VB
In particular the VB Runtime (I've reverted to SP2 to simplify matters a
and the Common Controls.

The CAB files on the VB CDs are not signed, and I'm not sure how the
works when downloading controls with a CODEBASE pointing at the MS site.
Can we count on MS to have the latest control versions that match those
beta controls in use?

This versioning is a damn nightmare to deal with...

Any help appreciated...

+++ Rick ---


Rick Strahl
West Wind Technologies
Paia, Hawaii

Home of West Wind Web Connection
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Sun, 18 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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