Winsock with multiple NIC's 
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 Winsock with multiple NIC's

Can the winsock control be used with multiple NIC's?

 I would like to put 2 winsock controls in my app.    One control talks to
only one computer (Computer 1) which is connected to one NIC.  The other NIC
talks to a bunch of different computers (Computers 2 - 30) over the network.

When the app is talking to Computer 1, will there be any traffic at all on
the other nic?

When the app is talking to computer 3, will it cause any traffic at all on
the NIC to computer 1?

In other words, will winsock poll both NICs to find the destination computer
or will it somehow figure out which computer is on which nic?

The goal here is to isolate all the traffic to computer 1 on its own nic so
as to not create a bottleneck, since there is going to be more traffic to
computer 1 than all the other computers.

Thank you for your help!

Sun, 27 Jun 2004 01:50:32 GMT  
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