Accessing activex control from another activex object in ie5 (vb 6) 
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 Accessing activex control from another activex object in ie5 (vb 6)

I have a fairly complex problem that I really can't seem to figure
out.  I have 2 activex code components, one opened with an 'object'
tag (we'll call 'tree'), and one opened in javascript (we'll call
'navview').  The navview object makes calls on the tree object.  When
doing this in vb, there's no problems.  In ie it doesn't work.  When
the navview trys to call functions on the tree, ie crashes.  I'm even
able to call the tree object directly from the javascript without any

The tree basically wraps a tree view control (the version 6 control,
not the one that commonly comes with ie.  The new control is MUCH
faster with large data sets, btw).  I know that this control has to be
installed on a client's computer before being called.  That's not the
problem.  As I said above, calling a function on the tree wrap control
from the javascript works fine.

The navview control is a non-visual activex object that handles the
data that will be displayed in the tree.  The functions that are
called on the navview are passed a tree object argument.  Any calls to
the wrap object bomb before they execute.  They actually bomb IE

I assume it has something to do with opening the control with the
object tag and then trying to pass it around, but I have no idea how
to fix the problem.  I'm going to try and put all of the objects into
the same code component and see if that helps, but I'm not so sure.

Everything was built with vb6.

Fri, 12 Dec 2003 11:18:44 GMT  
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