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 winsock access restriction


I have a problem using a winsock control, TCP Protocol, on
an very restricted network in France.  It's seems they
have open the port 80 but I can not connect from there.  I
have tried my application even from Africa and other
places in France but they say France Telecom (which is the
provider of connection in this case) make some restriction
on that port.  If I ping my server IP adress I can reach
it.  If I access an asp page using the msxml2 object I
have no problem and I get my data.  But I don't know why I
can not get the connection with my winsock application.  
Also I know that people like yahoo (talking about the
messenger) have a sort of rutine to scan and solve the
kind of connection if they are behind a firewall, proxy or
any restriction.  Please I need your help guys.  If you
have any clue or tip to tell me I will really appreciate

Thanks and best regards,


Mon, 27 Dec 2004 03:40:18 GMT  
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