Windows 2000 and RichTextBox Unwanted Links Created 
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 Windows 2000 and RichTextBox Unwanted Links Created

Here is a good one for you... I have a VB6SP5 app that has a
RichTextBox in it. The way it works under Windows 95 is... If a user
dragged-n-dropped say a Word doc into it, the CONTENTS of the Word doc
would go into the RichTextBox. This is as the users want it to react.
However... on a Windows 2000 client, when a user drags-n-drops the
same Word doc into the RichTextBox, a SHORTCUT to the original
document's location appears in the RichTextBox. I think this goes to
something about Windows 2000 doing some sort of Link Tracking (or
whatever the correct term is ), and not handling some events (like
this) the same as 95 did. How can I turn off this Link Tracking (or
whatever it's called) Windows 2000 "feature", at least inside my app
and have the RichTextBox work like it always has under Windows 95?
This piece should really be platform independent. If I can't fix this
for the Windows 2000 clients I might as well do away with this part of
the app as it's not reacting as the users want it to. Thanks for any
thoughts on this.

Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:15:46 GMT  
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