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I'm sorry if you receive this mail twice times.

I have created a Picture Box control on a Form. When the
program is running, it draws a line on this Picture Box
with the line method. On screen, the line is drawn from
the left top corner of the Picture Box (it's what I want).
However, when I print the Form with the PrintForm method,  
the line is printed from the left top corner of the Form.
So, on the printed sheet, the line has an offset from the
line on the screen and sometime, when the distance between
the left top corner's Form and the left top corner's
Picture box is big, no line appear on the printed sheet.

To print the line I set autoredraw to True.

I try with some printers and the result is always the same.

Can anyone help me?


Mon, 08 Dec 2003 05:21:49 GMT  
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