Does Anyone make a real columned listbox. 
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 Does Anyone make a real columned listbox.

Go to and check out their list control.  I think it's
is one of the best.


>I am looking for a listbox control that will display my items in a columned
>format,  much like the way a grid does,  but with the look and feel of a
>listbox.  It does not need to have "Databound" capability.  For example,  if
>I added the following:

>coollist.additem "test" & chr(9) & "col2" & chr(9) & "col3"
>coollist.additem "Longer test" & chr(9) & "longer col2" & chr(9) & "Longer
>col 3"

>'col3' and 'Longer col 3' would be left aligned with one another.

>Thank you in advance for any info.


Fri, 21 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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